The Theory of Relativity

How fit are you?

its an easy question right?

How about strength? How strong are you? this ones a bit easier right? At least the weights have numbers and we all use the same ones. unlike the first question.

Lets ask the question this way. I can deadlift 405 pounds (for now!) Is THAT strong?

It is if Im a 145 pound marathon runner. But its pretty pathetic compared to the 700+ pounds a powerlifter my size might pull.

Fitness is relative.

Then again...whats the use of a 400 pound deadlift anyway? How is that functional for the marathoner we mentioned? Its not. well not really...
A fire fighter on the other hand might find that strength the difference between life and death.

Functional is also relative.

Yes i can hear you thinking "everything is relative" and your right. But the Question of the day is relative to what?
In this case, the answer is You. Its relative to what you need to progress. The funny part is what you need is not often what you think it is. Every distance runner i know needs to lift more weights not run more. But then i think everyone needs to get stronger...and sleep more.

Bruce Lee put it best,when asked how he got where he was he said "I found the cause of my ignorance".

So what do you need? A better Squat? a faster 5k? more flexibility? your first pullup? or just some more stability ball balancing bicept curls...

Whatever it is remember...

Its ALL relative.

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