The Art of Doing

We define fitness as the art of DOING...Whatever you want to do. In this case hiking Mount San Jacinto!

Mount San Jacinto is 10,800 feet high and its north face features the largest most abrupt elevation change in the United States. Sadly we were not going that way...yet

We to arrived to find 4 feet of snow at the top of the tram. Ckecked in at the ranger station and started up the hill at 11:00 am.

It was a GREAT day to be in the mountains...

Chris started to suffer at about 9,800 feet. The first time moving around above 10,000 is never a pleasant experience.

I spy...a lovely corniced summit!

It was a hell of a view.

I think its fair to say that Chris was glad to be done with the uphill travel!

Gotta have a summit self portrait!

These trees have it rough up here.

The trip down is always much more fun.

All in all it took 5 hours for 6 miles round trip and 5,500 feet gain/loss. With 1 of those hours fooling around on the summit it worked out to be 2:50 up and 1:10 back down.

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