5 Rules for Living in the StoneAge

What follows are the basics. A cave painting of how to re-discover your inner neanderthal. Set forth as simply as possible, and in no strict order, this is how to achieve, health, fitness and extreme animal magnetism (That's right, you know you want it!)

#1 Move your body.
Walk the earth, learn handstands, run, jump, or climb.
It can be as simple as a walk in a park or as hard as a one arm handstand push up. Either way, its your body, use it.

# 2 Eat real food.
Real food must at one point have been alive. It must still resemble what it was when it was alive. It must NOT be Packaged, processed, or plumped, and bathed in pesticides or hormones. If you can't hunt it pick it or grow it yourself find someone local who does and get it from them.

# 3 Sleep, A LOT.
8 hours minimum. More if you can. Hours before midnight count for double points.

# 4 Lift and carry heavy things.

Weight bearing activity, often called work, is actually good for you. It doesn't matter what you do, barbells, stones, sides of beef, children, girlfriends or boyfriends are all fair game.

# 5 Live and Laugh.

Unplug from your computer, turn of your cell phone and reintroduce yourself to your friends and family. life is short. Laugh, eat, play, and get laid as often as you can.

# 6 (buy 5 get one free!)
This is the secret. THE most important rule. El numero uno.
Read the list again. That's right, read it again. pick one of the rules, and go do it right now. There is no tomorrow. Nothing changes without action. Where you start doesn't matter, just make a change.

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